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The beginning is a song - a song is the beginning. A never ending string of pearls. I listen along that string, and then, I sing.

My musical story is that of travels; both inwards and out. This project is my whirling combination of work and play, where I get a chance to explore on my own. With voice, body-percussion, podo-rythmie and sometimes loop-pedal. It can also lead me to collaborations with other musicians.


“Verses and instruments reciprocate to paint merry and vivid landscapes behind the listeners eyelids. The songs motives covers everything from abstract to concrete; from emotions to actual tales. The last track: “The tree brothers” (De Tre Bröderna) is a beautiful interpretation of the legend with the same name from the popular book series about Harry Potter.”

- Gefle Dagblad

“Malin is also an outstanding composer, and her excellent band provides sympatico support every step of the way. Highly recommended.”

 - Barry Livingston


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