”Vocal journeys – Music is a never ending string of pearls; I listen along that string, and then I sing.”

These a capella performances can be described as a form of association game that can be anywhere from 10-30 minutes long, in one single piece without pause. 

Some things are planned, some created by the mind of the moment. Most often they contain traditional songs and melodies, mostly from my home region of Gästrikland, Sweden, but also tunes I have acquired during the years from other parts of Sweden, Norway, Ireland and Quebec. I also like to experiment with different kinds of body percussion and foot-tapping to create dynamic pieces with my body as the single instrument. 

I open the door to my musical room – welcome inside!

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 Malin G Thunell Band

Malin G Thunell band is based around Malins own compositions with Swedish lyrics. Spending a lot of time exploring, practicing and re-arranging traditional music, the urge grew to write her own original pieces, and small fragments of lyrics and melodies poked her brain for more attention. These fragments eventually became her debut EP, released in 2016.

Her poetic style of writing lyrics combined with a large soundscape including strings, guitar and percussion has the essence of folk/singer/songwriter. The music has received good reviews and sold throughout both Europe and Canada.

”Verses and instruments combine to paint the merry wild landscape behind the listeners eyelids. The lyrics are beautiful and the melodies genre and tradition faithful, while the artist’s own character shines strong through the whole.”

– Gefle Dagblad

Malin G Thunell Band

Duo Attar

Duo Attar

The beginning is a song. A song is the beginning. The piano is where we meet. I lead you, you lead me, forward and on into the moment. Herding calls from the north are swept up in a warm breeze from the Atlantic sea.  We listen, we stay. Then we play.

This group presents a visual and sounding experience that is something completely new. Tied together in their ability to create in the moment they captivate their audience and create music beyond language and genre barriers.

Malin G Thunell, Sweden, is a skilled singer mostly active on the traditional music scene. With great honesty and curiosity she manages the Swedish traditional singing style as well as exploring other traditions.

Filipe Raposo, Portugal, is a composer, arranger and pianist working with many of the leading names in Portuguese music and film. Aiming to develop his own language, where classical, folk and jazz meet, he constantly seeks new challenges as a composer and musician.

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