I’m having a really good time as artist in Residence in Quebec this summer. Read more about it here:
Happy to be a part of this festival on Iceland!
One of my songs is featured on the sample CD of this years first edition of Lira Music magazine! If you don’t yet follow me on Spotify, please do:
Jag har blivit nominerad till Local Heroes galan som äger rum dem 18:e februari! Läs om alla nominerade här: I´ve been nominated for the Local Heroes gala that takes place on the 18th of februari! Read about all the nominees through the link above.  
Igår spenderade jag hela dagen med att spela in en ny promovideo för mina soloframträdanden. Resultatet kommer synas här inom kort! Yesterday was spent recording a promo video for my solo performing. The result will be posted here soon!